Table Tennis in Emsworth – a resounding success!

Maybe it was at school, through an official club, as part of a leisure centre’s activities or across the dining room table with the family but one thing is almost certain. We’ve all encountered Table Tennis at some point on life’s journey. What’s the betting you found it great fun too? It’s also possible that it’s crossed your mind that at some time, some day, maybe, you might get around to investigating the possibility of playing the odd game.

Well, be assured that Table Tennis is very much alive and kicking right here in Emsworth Community Centre. Members are predominately of the older generations and retired people but not all. Some are able to make table tennis part of their work/life balance. All standards of play are in evidence too from the early stage players to league players all mixing. Often people turn up with an apologetic ‘I haven’t played for 40 years’ but 3 or 4 sessions later it’s plain that the old knack is returning. Others quite openly admit to having no real experience but would like to try. No problem. We welcome all and are happy to help, guide and encourage.

We also have a budding youth section.


We play across seven good quality tables and have coaches in our membership and our own ‘robot’ to help with coaching. How many groups can say that? Competitive? Of course we are. There is no point in playing if there is no competition. But we never let it spoil the atmosphere of fun and laughter.


What’s in it for you? Fun, friends and a good workout. It’s just amazing how table tennis exercises sharpens the body both physically and mentally. As an accomplished player we can guarantee you some hard-hitting competition and maybe the possibility of play in one of our four successful league teams.


Sessions take place on:-

  • Tuesdays at 7.45pm - 9.45pm (mainly more accomplished players)

  • Wednesday and Friday afternoons 2.30 - 4.30pm include tea/coffee and biscuits

  • Some Sundays 6.30pm - 8.30pm league players practice

  • Junior Coaching term time only Tuesday 6.00pm - 7.30pm contact Dwynwen (contact info below)


It costs just £2.50 per session. All we ask is that you become a member of Emsworth Community Association for the grand price of £5 per annum. We bet you’ve never realised that such value could be so inexpensive.


Tempted ? C’mon. We can lend you a bat.


Game on !



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