Help your baby to communicate before speech in these fun filled baby signing classes.

Loved by parents and babies across the UK – why not discover the joy of Sing and Sign for yourself.

Babes (for pre-crawlers up to 6 months) 

A gentle sensory and music class focusing on communication building.

Fridays (1pm – 2pm)

Stage 1 (for 5 – 14 months)

A class which teaches all the core signs to enable that two way ‘conversation’ between baby and you.

Fridays (11.30am – 12.30 pm)

Stage 2 (for 13 – 24 months)

Our more active STAGE 2 class from 13-14 months reinforces Stage 1 basics whilst introducing advanced signs and concepts to attempt to keep up with toddlers growing curiosity.

Fridays (10am – 11am)

Booking for our new term is OPEN! Contact us today to reserve your space!

Contact: Florence 07873993653

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